作为社区选择聚合(CCA)客户, 你会继续收到全球知名十大博彩公司的账单 & 电气(西班牙&E). 该账单包括可持续发展目标的费用&E and your CCA provider — either San Diego 社区 Power (SDCP) or Clean Energy Alliance (CEA).  

Your combined energy bill will continue to include charges from 西班牙&E for electric delivery and other services that provide you with safe and reliable energy. 如果您从西班牙获得天然气服务&E, your bill will also include costs related to natural gas service. 

更好地理解CCA和可持续发展目标&在你每月的CCA账单上,我们创建了一个 帐单精选页 这会分解你的电荷, a short walk through video and below you can see summarized sections of a sample bill with descriptions.


不是实际的账单. 仅供说明之用.

  1. 西班牙&E账户信息 无论何时联系可持续发展目标,您都需要这些信息&E或您的社区选择提供商.

  2. 到期金额 包括所有当前和过去到期的费用, 包括社区选择服务提供商的费用, 以及相应的付款到期日.

  3. 现行收费摘要  电力运输费用(西班牙)&E)在当前计费期内, as well as the total electric generation charges provided by your 社区 Choice provider. 

不是实际的账单. 仅供说明之用.

4. 您的社区选择提供者 姓名和联系方式


不是实际的账单. 仅供说明之用.

5. 电流电荷的细节-电荷  提供了可持续发展目标的具体细节&E charges to deliver electric energy to your home or business and includes any applicable taxes and fees. 本节包括: 

  • 电ity Generation represents the cost we would have charged you if we were purchasing electricity on your behalf. 这些费用用发电信用抵扣, which means the “Total 电 Service” line item excludes generation costs, 因为这些费用是由你们的CCA提供的. Details of the CCA electric generation charges appear on the bill under the heading of “Energy Service Provider (ESP) 电 Charges”. 这不是您账单上的重复费用.
  • Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) is paid by all customers in 西班牙&E’s service territory, including CCA customers, to recover the cost of legacy power contracts. 了解更多关于PCIA的信息.

不是实际的账单. 仅供说明之用.

6. 社区选择聚合 (CCA) 发电 Charges  is where you can find the detail of charges provided by your 社区 Choice provider during this billing period. 有关这些费用的问题,请联系您的提供商.




We’ve recently upgraded 我的账户 to breakdown the charges that go into your monthly energy bill including electric generation, 电力输送和状态, 税收和其他. 您可以在以下网址了解更多有关每项收费的信息  avto-oil.com/billhighlights.


As a CCA customer, you will have access to portions of your billing and usage data through 西班牙&E’s 我的账户 and mobile app to help you manage and keep track of your energy use and costs. 您还可以查看您的可持续发展目标&E法案ing and usage history prior to your transition to your 社区 Choice provider. 


1. 预计法案 会出现在你的主页上吗. 请注意,账单预测计算使用可持续发展目标&E electric generation costs as a proxy and do not reflect actual CCA costs. 查看或下载您的实际帐单, simply click on View Bill where you can choose to view or download your bill.



2. 比较账单 on your 首页 Page will give you the ability to compare your monthly costs so that you can see how your energy management actions have been helping. The costs are broken down by your 发电 Provider and 西班牙&收费,以及所需的税费.



​​​​​​3. 使用信息 在您的使用仪表板中提供:

  • 使用视图,您可以看到长达13个月的使用数据
  • 按月、每日或每小时查看的使用历史

如果你是使用时间定价计划, you will be able to see how much energy you’ve used during your plan’s Peak periods.



4. 通知和警报  are helpful tools you can set in your Account view under 通知 Settings. You can sign up for emergency alerts, outage information and payment reminders, as well as 能源成本和使用阈值. You can opt-in to receive notifications by email or text message. 




 是的. 我们将继续提供账单服务, 计量集合, 客户服务, 以及为参与CCA计划的客户提供的其他服务. Each month, the CCA will calculate its charges for electric generation and send them to 西班牙&E. We’ll then include the CCA electric generation charges on your monthly 西班牙&E法案.  After we receive customer payments, we’ll transfer payments for CCA charges to the CCA. 

还要注意,如果您从CCA获取服务, you’ll no longer pay our rates for electric generation; instead you pay the CCA’s generation rates. CCA可能收取与我们不同的发电费率, which leads to a change in the charges on your overall electric bill. A CCA will choose the power generation source on behalf of its customers. CCA providers may procure a different mix of energy resources than 西班牙&E的资源. 

可持续发展目标的一部分&E’s generation rate that needs to be recouped through the PCIA depends on the year that your CCA began serving electric generation in your city. 今年是你的年份率.  

而你的年份保持不变, the PCIA charge for the vintage year will likely change annually. 时间表 CCA-CRS provides information on the current PCIA charges by vintage year. 

如果你对可持续发展目标有疑问&账单上的费用,请致电1-800-411-7343与我们联系.  Also contact us if you have questions related to your pricing plan, or CARE and Medical Baseline.   

If you have questions about the CCA charges on your bill or CCA rates, you should contact your CCA. Contact Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) by calling 1-833-232-3110 or visit Clean Energy Alliance. 

Contact San Diego 社区 Power (SDCP) by calling 1-888-382-0169 or 参观圣地亚哥社区电力

打电话给西班牙&E或 访问我的账户 当要求更改定价计划时. 

*作为可持续发展目标&E和社区选择聚合器(CCA)客户, your pricing plan consists of two main parts: 1) the costs associated with 西班牙&E’s delivery of electricity and 2) the cost of electric generation that your CCA purchases on your behalf. Because CCA’s pricing may vary, your estimated annual costs are based on 西班牙&E’s electric generation costs as a substitute and your past 12 months of electricity use. 它们不反映实际的CCA成本.